PowerBook 140


While the Powerbook 100 was essentially a miniaturized Macintosh Portable, the PowerBook 140 was a toned down PowerBook 170 filling the mid-range. Powered by a 16 MHz Motorola 68030 processor, it lacked the floating-point processor, RAM and active matrix display of the 170 making due with 2 MB RAM and a passive matrix, black and white display. It shipped with a PowerBook optimized version of System 7.0.1 on an internal, 20 MB SCSI hard disk drive and sold for $3199.

This machine features a 2 MB RAM expansion card (for a total of 4 MB RAM) and an internal 40 MB Conner SCSI hard disk drive. It was bought from a Craigslist seller. Unfortunately, the hard disk drive is not operable and this set shows the Powerbook 140 booted into System 7.0.1 from the floppy disk drive.