PowerBook 100


Intended to replace the Macintosh Portable, the PowerBook line of notebooks were launched in autumn, 1991. Apple partnered with Sony to miniaturize the Macintosh Portable into the PowerBook 100. The 100 was in parity with the Portable’s specifications utilizing a 16 MHz Motorola 68HC000 processor, 2 MB RAM, a 20 MB hard disk drive, external SCSI port and an optional internal 2400 baud modem. The floppy drive was omitted internally to save space and only available as an additional $280 accessory.

Priced at $2300, the PowerBook 100 provided the new PowerBook line with it’s low-end model. The PowerBook 140 and PowerBook 170 completed the lineup. The PowerBook 100’s small footprint still stands as the second-smallest of all Apple portables.

This machine features 8 MB RAM and an internal Quantum 160 MB SCSI hard disk drive. It was bought from Norvac in Salem, Oregon. It boots into System 7.0.1 from the internal drive.