Macintosh Plus (Radius Upgrade)


Some Macs are simply born great but others need to grow into it. Founded in part by key members from the original Macintosh team, Radius became a premiere, third-party peripheral maker for the Macintosh ecosystem. Well known for their innovative graphics solutions, they also made top-notch performance upgrades as well.

The platinum-colored Macintosh Plus featured here has been upgraded with Radius’ second product, the Radius Accelerator 16. It brought Macintosh II power to the compact Macintosh by way of a 16 MHz Motorola 68020 processor (and optional 68882 FPU) and quadrupled the performance of the standard Macintosh Plus.

This Macintosh also sports 4 MB RAM, an 800k floppy disk drive and 160 MB external SCSI hard disk drive. It boots to System 6.0.8 via the external drive.