Macintosh II


Originating as a skunk works project before Steve Jobs left Apple, the Macintosh II would be released in 1987 as the first modular, color-capable Macintosh Apple ever produced. When released, it set a new bar for color depth in computers by supporting millions of colors.

The Macintosh II featured a 16 MHz Motorola 68020 processor, Motorola 68881 FPU, optional MMU, 1 MB or 4 MB RAM, 20 MB or 40 MB hard disk drive and 800k floppy disk drive. The six NuBus expansion slots, additional floppy disk drive bay, serial, ADB and SCSI ports provided more expansion options than Apple had offered in any other computer. The FDHD upgrade kit included new ROMs that updated the RAM limit from 8 MB to 68 MB. Adding the MODE32 extension for 32-bit addressing allowed a whopping 128 MB RAM.

This Macintosh II features a 160 MB hard disk drive and 8 MB RAM. It boots to Appleshare File Server 2.1 serving apps and content to a few Macintosh  512k and Macintosh Plus machines via LocalTalk.