iMac DV “Summer 2000” (Indigo)


In summer 2000, the iMac DV was refreshed with faster graphics and the Apple Pro Keyboard and Mouse. It was offered in Indigo and Ruby colors. The new sub-$1000 iMac did have to cut some corners so it was equipped with only a CD-ROM drive. A buyer would need to purchase an iMac DV+ or SE to find an iMac equipped with a DVD-ROM.

The iMac DV featured a 400 MHz PowerPC processor, 64 MB PC100 RAM, an 8 MB Rage 128 Pro video card, a 10 GB hard disk drive, a 24x CD-ROM drive and 56k modem. Standard ports included two USB ports, two Firewire 400 ports, 10/100 baseT ethernet, and optional Airport 802.11b card slot.

This machine was rescued from a destiny in the recycle bin. It features a stock configuration. It boots to the original Mac OS 9.0.4 install. Incidentally, a different free, cast-off, 400 MHz Indigo iMac DV found in a recycle bin was the machine that brought me back into the Apple fold in 2002. At the time, I had grown weary of a seven-year Microsoft Windows purgatory and had fallen in love with Mac OS X 10.2.