iMac DV “Slot Load” (Lime)


In late 1999, Apple released it’s first major revision to the revolutionary iMac line. The “Slot Load” iMac was so named for it’s new slot-loading optical drive. In addition, this new version featured an all new fanless, convection cooled case. The high-end “DV” version added Firewire, external VGA video mirroring and a DVD-ROM drive.

The iMac DV featured a 400 MHz PowerPC processor, 64 MB PC100 RAM, an 8 MB Rage 128 VR video card, a 10 GB hard disk drive, a 4x DVD-ROM drive and 56k modem. Standard ports included two USB ports, two Firewire 400 ports, 10/100 baseT ethernet, and optional Airport 802.11b card slot.

The “Lime” flavor seen here was one of five “fruit colors” that matched the previous tray-load generation - Blueberry (a low-end model), Strawberry, Grape, Tangerine and Lime.

This machine was literally rescued from a barn and required a large amount of cleaning to get it back in shape. It features a 400 MHz G3 processor, 64 MB RAM and a 20 GB hard disk drive. It boots into the original Mac OS 9.0.4.