iMac “Slot Load” (Blueberry)


In late 1999, Apple released it’s first major revision to the revolutionary iMac line. The “Slot Load” iMac was so named for it’s new slot-loading optical drive. In addition, this new version featured an all new fanless, convection cooled case that was more transparent than it’s Bondi blue and fruit-flavored predecessors along with faster G3 processors, faster RAM, ATI Rage128 graphics cards, an Airport wireless 802.11b card slot and Harman Kardon speakers.

For all of it’s changes for the better, the “Slot Load” iMac retained it’s predecessor’s much-maligned “puck” mouse and short USB keyboard.

The “blueberry” flavor seen here was offered as a low-cost alternative to the iMac DV. It lacked the latter’s Firewire, DVD-ROM and VGA video mirroring support . It sold for $999.

This machine was a gift from generous Corvallis Mac User Group member. It features a 350 MHz G3 processor, 512 MB RAM and a 6 GB hard disk drive. It boots into Mac OS 9.2.1.