iBook “Firewire” (Indigo)


A new year brought a new iBook in the fall of 2000. Offering significant speed and feature improvements, the milky-white iBook Firewire matched the stylistic and technical improvements made to the iMac line with the iMac DV.

Packed with an updated 366 MHz PowerPC G3 processor, the “Firewire” models also offered 256k on-chip Level 2 cache, 64MB PC66 RAM, an 8 MB AGP ATI Rage Mobility graphics processor, 10 GB hard disk drive and Firewire 400 port along with the original model’s Airport wireless networking, USB 1.1 ports, 56k modem and 24x CD-ROM drive.

This is probably my favorite version of the iBook G3 in Indigo and white. It was purchased as parts from NextStep Recycling in Eugene, OR. It boots to Mac OS 9.2.1 in it’s original software configuration and has a 256MB RAM module in the expansion slot for a total of 320 MB RAM.