Quadra 840av


The Quadra 840av has the distinct honor of being the highest-clocked and fastest 68k Macintosh ever produced. The blazing-fast 40 MHz 68040 processor, interleaved RAM, S-video input and output as well as the advanced audio with a dedicated DSP made this a powerhouse then and now.

The Quadra 840av features a 40 MHz Motorola 68040 processor, 8 MB or 16 MB RAM, 230 MB, 500 MB or 1 GB SCSI hard disk drive, an optional 2x CD-ROM drive (early models are caddy-loaded) and a 1.44 MB floppy disk drive in a Quadra 800-style case. I/O includes built-in video, serial, ADB, audio in/out, AAUI 10 bT Ethernet and SCSI ports.

This Quadra 840av features 16 MB RAM, a 500 MB SCSI hard disk drive, 2x CD-ROM drive and boots to the original System 7.1. It is featured with AppleDesign Powered Speakers, Apple Adjustable Keyboard and Kensington trackball.