Quadra 800


The Quadra 800 brought Quadra 900 power to a mini tower design. Though often maligned for it’s brittle “Spindler” plastics and general inaccessibility, the all-new case design would continue to be used through several generations of Power Macintosh successors.

The Quadra 800 offered users a 33 MHz Motorola 68040 processor, 8 MB onboard RAM, a 230 MB or 500 MB SCSI hard disk drive, 1.44 MB floppy disk drive and an optional 2X CD-ROM drive along with the regular assortments of ADB, AAUI, SCSI and serial ports. The case gave room for up to four disk drives and three NuBus cards.

This Quadra 800 lacks the CD-ROM drive option but features a 500 MB hard disk drive, a full 136 MB RAM and boots to Apple Workgroup Server 95 (A/UX). It was purchased from University surplus for $5.