Quadra 700


More than just a Macintosh IIcx case upended, the Quadra 700 hosted a blazing-fast 25 MHz 68040 processor in it’s “minitower” orientation. The Quadra 700 logic board was also offered as an upgrade for existing Macintosh IIcx and Macintosh IIci owners. Released at the same time as the Quadra 900, together they kicked off the 68040 era in Macintosh history.

The Quadra 700 featured a 25 MHz Motorola 68040 processor, 4 MB RAM, 512 KB VRAM, 80 MB, 160 MB or 160 MB SCSI hard disk drive and 1.44 MB “Superdrive” floppy disk drive. ADB, serial, SCSI, video, AAUI 10bT Ethernet and audio in/out ports grace the backside. Filling the SIMM slots would give one 68 MB RAM and 2 MB VRAM.

This machine features 4 MB RAM and an internal 160 MB SCSI hard disk drive. It boots into System 7.1.