Macintosh IIcx


Lopping off three NuBus ports, Apple released this compact version of the previous year’s Macintosh IIx in 1989. The smaller case would go on to house the Macintosh IIci and Quadra 700. Disassembly was literally, a snap requiring the removal of a single screw to dismantle completely.

The Macintosh IIcx featured a 16 MHz Motorola 68030 processor, 1 MB or 4 MB RAM, a 40 MB or 80 MB SCSI hard disk drive, 1.44 MB floppy disk drive and an optional video card. Expansion came from the three NuBus slots, serial, ADB and external SCSI ports. Because of it’s “dirty” ROM chips, the MODE-32 extension was required to address more than 8 MB RAM for a maximum of 128 MB.

This Macintosh IIcx features 8 MB RAM, a 50 MB hard disk drive, Farallon network adapter, Radius Pivot II Full Page Display card and is used with a Radius monochrome Pivot display. It boots to System 6.0.8. Found in a basement, it was sold to me with a pile of other vintage Macintosh kit by the house’s new owners.