Power Macintosh G3 “Desktop”


Replacing the Power PC 604e-based Power Macintosh 7300, the Power Macintosh G3’s PowerPC G3 processor utilized a fast 512k backside cache to best the competing Pentium II processors in most benchmarks. It was available in a desktop or minitower configuration. The “Beige” Power Macintosh G3 would be the last of the “old world” Power Macs before being replaced by the colorful “Blue & White” Power Mac G3 in 1999.

The desktop version features internal IDE and SCSI busses and three PCI slots. Standard configurations included a 233 MHz or 266 MHz G3 processor, 32MB PC 66 RAM, 4 GB IDE hard disk drive, CD-ROM, ATI 3D Rage, Rage Pro or Rage Pro Turbo video card , 10 base-T ethernet and Zip 100 drive.

This Power Macintosh G3 desktop was bought from university surplus. It features a 266 MHz G3 Processor, 256MB RAM, 30 GB hard disk drive and Zip 100 drive. It boots into Mac OS X Server 1.2 (Rhapsody 5.6). Featured with it is the Apple Multiple Scan 720 17” monitor.