Power Macintosh G3 “Blue & White”


The “Blue & White” Power Macintosh G3 was only sold for eight months in 1999 before it was discontinued but it’s “Yosemite” swing-down case style would last all the way through the end of the PowerMac G4 line in 2003. The “Blue & White” introduced USB, Firewire and the “New World” architecture to the Power Macintosh world while being the last desktop Mac to feature an ADB port.

The “Blue & White” shipped with a 300 MHz, 350 MHz, 400 MHz or 450 MHz PowerPC G3 processor on a 100 MHz system bus, 64 MB or 128 MB PC100 RAM, 6 GB or 12 GB hard disk drive, DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive, Zip 100 Drive and a 16 MB ATI Rage 128 GL PCI graphics card in a 66 MHz PCI slot.

This machine was received as a parts machine and was a gift from a friend. It features a 350 MHz PowerPC G3 processor, 128 MB RAM, a 40GB hard disk drive and a matching “blueberry” 17” Studio Display. It boots into Mac OS 8.5.1.