PowerBook G3 “Kanga”


The original PowerBook G3 was actually an old-world Mac. Little more than a PowerBook 3400 with a PowerPC 750 processor, it was originally slated to be named the PowerBook 3500 and carries the distinction of being the only G3-powered Macintosh unable to run Mac OS X. That said, it enjoyed the title of the world’s fastest laptop when released.

The PowerBook G3 “Kanga” features a 250 MHz PowerPC 750 “G3” processor with 512 MB L2 cache, 32 MB RAM, 12.1” TFT display, a 5 GB IDE hard disk drive, a 20x CD-ROM drive in a swappable drive bay, 10 bT ethernet, 33.6 modem, ADB port, two PC Card slots and an IR transceiver. Like the PowerBook 3400c, it features a video-out port and pumps sound from a four-speaker system.

This “Kanga” is stock, featuring a 250 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM, and a 5 GB hard disk drive.  It boots to Mac OS 8.1.