PowerBook 3400c/240


The 240 MHz 603e PowerPC processor inside the 3400c made it the fastest laptop on the planet for a few short months. It was the first PowerBook to run on the PCI architecture with EDO RAM and a fast, 40 MHz front side bus making it a true desktop replacement. It would lend it’s PowerBook 190 inspired case design to it’s replacement, the short-lived, first generation PowerBook G3.

The PowerBook 3400c came in three configurations featuring a 180 MHz, 200 MHz or 240 MHz PowerPC 603e processor, 16 MB RAM, 2 MB VRAM driving a 12.1” 16-bit LCD display, and a 1.3 GB, 2 GB or 3 GB IDE hard disk drive. Expansion options were hosted by a hot swappable drive bay for use with a 3.5” floppy disk or CD-ROM drive, dual PC Card slot, IRDA transceiver, serial port and a combination Ethernet/Modem port. External VGA output made it’s first appearance on a PowerBook.

This 3400c/240 features a 240 MHz processor, 80 MB RAM, a 2 GB hard disk drive and 12x CD-ROM. It boots to the original Mac OS 7.6.