PowerBook 2400c/180


The PowerBook 2400c was the replacement for the earlier PowerBook Duo sub-notebook lineup. Along with the PowerBook 100, PowerBook Duo 2300c, the PowerBook G4 12” and the MacBook Air, it is one of the top five smallest Apple portables ever built. It lacked the Duo’s desktop docking capabilities but may be the only Apple portable to come with a mustache.

The 2400c came with a 180 MHz PowerPC 603e processor (and later, a 240 MHz version available only in Japan), 16MB EDO RAM, 1.3 GB hard disk drive, 1MB VRAM driving a 10.4” active matrix display and an external floppy disk drive. Expandability came from SCSI, ADB, serial and VGA ports plus two PCMCIA card slots and an IRDA interface.

This PowerBook 2400c features a 180 MHz PowerPC 603e processor, 48 MB RAM and a 1.3 GB hard disk drive. It boots to Mac OS 7.6.1 and connects to the internet via an Orinoco WaveLan Gold card.