PowerBook 160


Like the PowerBook 145 it replaced, the PowerBook 160 also lacked the FPU and faster processor featured in it’s more-capable sibling, the PowerBook 180. Unlike the 145, it featured a better passive-matrix, 4-bit greyscale monitor and an 8-bit color video-out port.

The PowerBook 160 featured a 25 MHz Motorola 68030 processor, 4 MB RAM, a 40 MB, 80 MB or 120 MB hard disk drive, a 9.8” 4-bit passive-matrix greyscale LCD, 1.44 MB floppy disk drive and the usual assortment of serial, ADB, SCSI, external video and audio ports. An expansion slot for an optional modem was available. The PowerBook 160 supports SCSI Disk mode allowing it to be used as an external SCSI hard disk drive.

This PowerBook 160 features a 160 MB hard disk drive, and 8 MB RAM. It boots to the original System 7.1.