Monorail Model 133


Believe it or not, the iMac wasn’t the first all-in-one computer or even the first flat-paneled all-in-one computer. Monorail may have released the first “low-cost”, flat-paneled all-in-one with their Pentium-powered lineup in the late 1990s.

Packing a speedy 133 MHz Pentium processor, the $1,299 Model 133 offered plenty of performance in a small package. It featured 16MB RAM, a 10.4” DSTN LCD, a full-sized 2.1 GB 3.5” hard disk drive, 4x CD-ROM, 33.6 bps fax modem, and a single ISA slot along with the usual parallel, serial and PS/2 connections inside a compact one-piece unit.

I had never seen a  Monorail computer before I procured this from a barn-fresh batch of iMacs. I had thought it was a touch-screen restaurant POS terminal at first. The disk was bad but was replaced by a 6GB Apple-branded drive. As luck would have it, the CD-ROM drive still had the Monorail restore disk in it and I was able to load the original Windows 95 and bundled software. Unfortunately, I did not receive the original keyboard and mouse. As a result, this picture set features a Dell set that matches aesthetically.

This unit features the standard 133 MHz Pentium processor and 16 MB RAM plus a 10 bT Ethernet Card in the ISA slot. It’s 6 GB disk drive is partitioned to the original 2 GB and boots to the original Monorail Windows 95 build. Initially, I thought I would recycle this thing but it’s proved to be just too weird to die.