Macintosh SE “FDHD”


With the “SE” denoting “System Expandable”, the Macintosh SE was the first compact Macintosh to feature a PDS expansion slot. It also added an internal hard drive option, a dual floppy disk drive option, the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) and a cooling fan. It retained the 8 MHz Motorola 68000 processor and 4 MB RAM limit of it’s predecessor, the Macintosh Plus.

In 1989, the Macintosh SE FDHD (Floppy Drive High Density) replaced the original Macintosh SE’s 800 K floppy disk drive with Apple’s new 1.44 MB high density floppy disk drive.

This machine features 1 MB RAM, Dual “FDHD” floppy drives and a third-party 52 MB Quantum hard disk drive. It boots into System 6.0.8.