Macintosh LC


After several years of filling a high-price niche in the computer world, Apple released the Macintosh LC as a Low Cost Macintosh with color capabilities. It’s modular design and PDS slot allowed users to customize their LC with expansions. An Apple IIe card was offered for the LC and marketed to educational institutions. It proved a popular way to upgrade to the Macintosh platform while retaining the use of their large Apple II software libraries.

The Macintosh LC’s base configuration included a 16 MHz 68020 processor, 2 MB or 4MB RAM 1.44 MB “SuperDrive” and 20 MB or 40 MB SCSI disk drive. Without NuBus slots, the LC was limited to expansion through it’s PDS slot and the external SCSI, ADB and serial ports.

This Macintosh LC features 10 MB RAM, a 40MB hard disk drive, PDS ethernet card, a 12” Apple monochrome monitor, original documentation and install disks. It boots to System 6.0.7.