Macintosh IIfx


The “wicked fast” Macintosh IIfx was not only the fastest Macintosh to date when released in March 1990, at 40 MHz it would also be the fastest Motorola 68030-powered machine Apple ever made. Combined with unique, 64-pin, dual-ported RAM SIMMs (up to 128 MB), MOS 6502-powered serial and sound processors, and support for up to six displays, the IIfx was truly a powerhouse machine. It was to be the last of the “big-box” Macintosh II models with a full six NuBus slots.

The Macintosh IIfx featured a 40 MHz Motorola 68030 processor with 32 KB Level 2 cache, 68882 FPU, 4 MB 640-pin RAM, 80 MB or 160 MB SCSI hard disk drive, 1.44 MB “SuperDrive” floppy disk drive (with an option for two), and a host of serial and ADB ports in back.

This IIfx machine features 8 MB RAM, a RasterOps 24sTV video card, Farallon 10bT network adapter, an internal 160 MB SCSI hard disk drive and dual 1.44 “SuperDrives”.