Kaypro II


The Kaypro II was actually the first Kaypro system that Non-Linear Systems released but they named it “Kaypro II” in order to piggyback on Apple’s Apple II branding. Kaypro found some amount of success in the early 1980s as a formidable competitor to other CP/M systems but was quickly passed by when they failed to adopt an MS-DOS platform.

The Kaypro II is a 2.5 MHz Zilog Z80-based portable computer with 64 KB of RAM. It features two single-sided, 191 kB  5.25” floppy disk drives and a built-in, 9” monochrome CRT display. The detachable keyboard stows on the bottom of the unit to make a small suitcase-sized portable unit. It runs Digital Research’s CP/M operating system.

Found in the recycling pile, this machine was rescued by my sister-in-law and restored to become a part of my early 8-bit micro collection.