iMac SE "Early 2001" (Flower Power)


The “Early 2001” iMacs brought substantial improvements inside with faster processors, level 2 caches, upgraded video cards and CD-RW drives but the outside of two far-out design options made the biggest splash. The “Blue Dalmatian” and “Flower Power” models sported psychedelic graphics beneath their shells creating a positively love-it-or-hate-it iMac. Indigo and Graphite models were offered along side their funky brethren for those with more timid (or sensible) tastes.

The “Early 2001” iMacs featured 600 MHz IBM PowerPC G3 processors with 256 K on-chip level 2 cache, a 16 MB ATI Rage 128 Ultra video card, 128 MB RAM, a 40 GB hard disk drive, CD-RW drive with the now-standard assortment of USB 1.1, Firewire 400, 10/100 Ethernet and 56k modem ports. Airport 802.11b wireless networking was offered as an option.

This “Flower Power” iMac features the standard 600 MHz G3 processor, 40 GB hard disk drive and slot-load CD-RW but also has 512 MB RAM and an Airport installed. It boots to the original Mac OS 9.1. Found at a garage sale, it was purchased without hesitation.