iMac G5 20” “iSight”


The iMac G5 “iSight” models were released along side the Dual-Core Power Mac G5 lineup in October 2005. The “iSight” models featured a redesigned, slimmer profile case featuring the first built-in iSight camera in a Macintosh model. The case design would continue for the next couple of years through the Intel processor transition. It also debuted Apple’s PhotoBooth and FrontRow software.

The 20” iMac G5 “iSight” models featured a 2.1 GHz PowerPC G5 processor, 512 MB PC 4200 DDR2 RAM, a 128 MB Radeon X600 XT GPU, Bluetooth 2.0, Airport Extreme 802.11G wireless networking, a 250 GB hard disk drive, an 8x dual-layer DVD-R/W “SuperDrive” and Apple infrared remote control. Standard ports included USB 2, Firewire 400, a v.92 modem, and gigabit Ethernet. It was one of the first Macintosh models to ship with the multi-button “Mighty Mouse”.

This iMac G5 features 1.5GB RAM and a 500 MB hard disk drive. It boots to Mac OS X 10.4.3 “Tiger”.