Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III


Not all of my micros are Apple-related. Some are just here because they’re too cool not to include or they simply tickle the Jr. High School Computer Lab nostalgia. I’m not quite sure which category the TRS-80 Model III falls into.

Originally intended to be sold alongside the multi-component Model I, the all-in-one Model III ended up as a replacement due to stricter FCC regulations on RF interference. This $2500, “Business Computer” version featured two single sided, double density 178k 5.25” floppy disc drives, 48k of RAM and was powered by a 2.03 MHz Zilog Z80A processor. Expandability was through cassette tape input and RS-232 serial and Centronics parallel ports.

Thanks to Ira Goldklang, this TRS-80 can boot with a TRSDOS, NEWDOS 80 or LDOS system diskette and is primarily used for vintage gaming (just like in the Jr. High School Computer Lab).