Quadra 610 (DOS Compatible)


Replacing the 68LC040-powered Centris 610 in October 1993, the Quadra 610 offered a full 25 MHz 68040 processor. The pizza-box case would also provide the basis for the next-generation Power Macintosh 6100. The Quadra 610 was also offered in a “DOS Compatible” model which offered a 25 MHz Intel 486 IBM compatible computer on a Macintosh PDS card.

The Quadra 610 featured a 25 MHz 65040 processor, 8 MB RAM, a 160 MB or 230 MB hard disk drive, 1.44 MB floppy disk drive and an optional 2x CD-ROM drive. Expandability was limited to the PDS slot, an optional PDS to NuBus adapter, modem, printer, and AAUI networking ports. The DOS Compatibility card could be configured with up to 32 MB RAM.

This Quadra 610 DOS Compatible features  52 MB RAM, a 500 MB hard disk drive and a 25 MHz 486 DOS compatibility card. It boots to Mac OS 7.1 with DOS 6.2.2 and Windows 3.1 on the 486 processor.