Power Mac G4 “MDD”


The Summer of 2002 saw the release of the first “MDD” (Mirrored Drive Doors) model Power Mac G4s. Aside from the exterior aesthetics, the MDD models brought numerous changes based on the XServe - a larger Level 3 cache on new Motorola 7455 processors, 167 MHz system bus and PC2700 DDR RAM to name a few. These were the last model Power Mac to boot OS 9 and was re-released in 2003 to support schools still using OS 9.

The Power Mac G4 MDD came in 867 MHz, 1.0 GHz and 1.25 GHz dual-processor models with all but the low-end 867 MHz carrying PC2700 RAM and 64 MB Radeon 9000 Pro video cards (the 867 came with PC2100 RAM and a 32 MB Nvidia GeForce 4 video card). All models featured dual optical drive bays, four hard disk drive bays, gigabit Ethernet, dual Firewire 400 ports, two USB 1.1 ports, 56k modem, and an optional Airport 802.11b wireless card.

This Power Mac G4 MDD features dual 1.0 GHz processors, 512 MB PC 2700 RAM, a Radeon 9000 Pro video card, 80 GB hard disk drive and Airport 802.11b wireless card. It dual boots to the Original Mac OS 9.2.2 and Mac OS X 10.2.1 “Jaguar”. It is shown paired with the matching 17” ADC Apple Studio Display.