Power  Computing PowerCenter 120


The PowerCenter 120 was in the first wave of PowerPC 604 powered Macintosh clones. Early access to the fastest IBM processors gave Power Computing a continuing reputation for performance that repeatedly made Apple look slow. It wasn’t until 1998 when Steve Jobs bought out the remaining Mac OS licensing agreements with the clone makers that Power Computing would lose it’s shine.

The PowerCenter 120 featured a 120 MHz PowerPC 604 processor, 8 MB, 16 MB or 24 MB RAM, an 850 MB or 2 GB SCSI hard disk drive, 4x CD-ROM, floppy disk drive and three PCI slots. Standard ports included ADB, AAUI and RJ45 Ethernet ports, Apple DA15 and standard DE15 VGA ports, modem and printer serial ports. Prices started at $1900 (a somewhat comparable Power Macintosh 7600/120 was $3000).

This PowerCenter 120 features 50 MB RAM and an 850 MB hard disk drive. It boots to the original Power Computing version of Macintosh System 7.5.3. It was purchased from a Craigslist seller and is pictured with a 15” Sony Multiscan 110GS monitor.