PowerBook G4 “Onyx”


The PowerBook G4 Titanium series launched a design motif that continues to this day. The sleek, one-inch thick titanium case surrounding a 15” widescreen LCD display was amazingly thin and instantly made all other laptops appear out-of-date.

Unfortunately, all the glamor came at a price. The casing on the side was made of a carbon fiber resin coated in a copper, RF shielding paint with a white pearl colored top coat. The top coat was prone to chips which allowed the copper underneath to corrode. The corrosion riddled the rest of the pieces green and eventually led to more flaking of the top coat. As a result, finding a pristine Titanium series PowerBook G4 is difficult.

The PowerBook G4 “Onyx” (AKA “Gigabit Ethernet”) was the second-generation Powerbook G4 model. It featured faster 550 MHz and 667 MHz G4 processors, faster PC133 RAM, double the video RAM, and an optional CD-R/W.

This machine was a gift from a friend. It features a 667 MHz PowerPC G4 processor, 512 MB PC133 RAM, a 30 GB hard disk drive and DVD-RW “Superdrive”. It dual boots into Mac OS 9.2.2 and Mac OS X 10.1.4 “Puma”.