PowerBook G4 “DVI”


The PowerBook G4 Titanium marched on with few changes on the surface but progressive improvements on the inside. The PowerBook G4 “DVI” – AKA PowerBook G4 “Ivory” – added faster Motorola PowerPC G4 processors with L3 cache, better Radeon 7500 graphics chipsets with more VRAM, higher resolution LCD displays,  audio input port, DVI output port and SuperDrives. The progressive updates paid off in a well refined portable.

The PowerBook G4 “DVI” featured a 667 MHz or 800 MHz Motorola G4 processor, 256 MB or 512 MB RAM, 30 GB or 40 GB hard disk drive, DVD-R/W “SuperDrive”, 32 MB Radeon 7500 graphics, Airport 802.11b wireless networking and gigabit ethernet along with the usual USB 1.1, Firewire 400 and audio I/O ports.

This machine features an 800 MHz PowerPC G4 processor, 512 MB PC133 RAM, a 30 GB hard disk drive and DVD-RW “Superdrive”. It dual boots into Mac OS 9.2.2 and Mac OS X 10.1.4 “Puma”. It was purchased from the Goodwill Computer Store.