PowerBook G3 “PDQ”


Also known as the “Wallstreet II”, the second generation PowerBook G3 cut the number of different hardware configurations to quickly streamline and simplify the product category in a “Pretty Damn Quick” fashion.

The “PDQ” series featured a 233 MHz, 266 MHz or 300 MHz processor on a 66 MHz front side bus and a 2 GB or 4 GB hard disk drive as it’s only options. A 4 MB 3D Rage Pro LT graphics processor drives a 14.1” TFT display. Communications are provided through 10base-T ethernet and an internal 56k modem. Expandability comes from dual PCMCIA PC Card slots, dual expansion module bays, SCSI and serial ports. The expansion bays hold a variety of modules including batteries, optical drives, ZIP100 drives and Apple Superdrive 1.44 MB floppy disk drives. Running with two batteries will extend the PowerBook’s runtime to over six hours.

The “PDQ” was the last Apple computer to carry the rainbow Apple logo.

This PowerBook G3 “PDQ” was bought from a craigslist seller. I features a 233 MHz processor, 192 MB RAM and a 2 GB internal hard disk drive. It includes all original boxes, software and paperwork plus a second battery,  ZIP100 drive, 20x CD ROM, USB PC Card and Lucent WaveLAN Silver 802.11B PC Card (recognized as an Apple Airport card). It boots into Mac OS 8.6 from the internal 2 GB hard disk drive.