PowerBook Duo Dock


Is it a desktop? Is it a laptop? Nope, it’s an accessory. The PowerBook Duo Dock completed the promise of the PowerBook Duo line - an ultra-portable with desktop power. The Duo Dock afforded the user an FPU, disk drives and expansion options without buying a separate computer.

The Duo Dock featured a Motorola 68882 Floating Point Processor, up to 1 MB VRAM, a 1.44 MB floppy disk drive, an optional 230 MB SCSI hard disk drive, two NuBus expansion slots, video, serial, SCSI and ADB ports.

This Duo Dock features a 230 MB hard disk drive, NuBus Ethernet card and the “tall” lid needed to accommodate the color-capable PowerBook Duos. It is pictured with a PowerBook Duo 270c.