PowerBook 5300c


The PowerBook 5300c was a PowerBook that held many firsts such as the speedy 603e processor, hot-swappable expansion bays and lithium-ion batteries. Unfortunately, it also had many problems such as lack of L2 cache, no CD-ROM options, shoddy plastics and battery fires. At least it’s prototype form saved the earth from alien invasion in Independence Day.

The PowerBook 5300c featured a 100 MHz Motorola PowerPC 603e processor, 8 MB or 16 MB RAM, a 500 MB or 750 MB IDE hard disk drive, 1.44 MB floppy disk drive and 10.4” color active-matrix display, Hot-swappable drive trays could host floppy or zip disk drives while PC card slots filled a variety of expansion options. Behind the flip door in back, ADB, serial, SCSI, audio in/out and optional modem or video-out ports resided.

This PowerBook 5300c features 64 MB RAM, a 1.2 GB hard disk drive, and video-put port. It boots to System 7.5.2.