PowerBook 1400cs


Debuting in 1996, the PowerPC 603e-powered PowerBook 1400 series  was the first laptop with an internal CD-ROM drive. It featured a sleep-swappable accessory bay, stackable RAM and unique “Bookcovers” that allowed users to customize the look of their PowerBook lid with Apple-supplied inserts or with their own created from an included template. The 1400 would remain in the PowerBook line at various processor speeds through 1998 when the PowerBooks went PowerPC G3-only.

The original PowerBook 1400cs featured a 117 MHz PowerPC 603e processor, 12 MB or 16 MB RAM, a 750 MB or 1 GB hard disk drive, optional 6x CD-ROM, 1.44 MB floppy disk drive, two PC Card slots, serial, ADB, SCSI, IRDA and external video ports. The 1400cs models featured a lower-quality passive matrix, DSTN display than their active matrix, TFT outfitted brethren, the 1400c.

This PowerBook 1400cs features a 117 MHz processor, 16 MB RAM, a 750 MB hard disk drive and 6x CD-ROM. It boots to the original System 7.5.3.