Newton eMate 300


Designed for schools, the low-cost eMate 300 used an innovative classroom docking system allowing teachers to send assignments to student’s eMates and for students to send results back to the teacher. The eMate included the NewtonWorks suite of applications for word processing, drawing, spreadsheet and graphing calculator functions. Although the eMate 300 was sold to schools for less than a year before the entire Newton line was discontinued in 1998, it’s curvy, translucent case design would influence Apple’s computers for several years.

The eMate 300 featured a 25MHz ARM 710a processor, 1 MB RAM, 2 MB flash RAM storage, a 480x320 greyscale LCD screen, PCMCIA card slot, serial port and custom docking port.

This eMate 300 runs Newton OS 2.1 and can be used with a Lucent WaveLAN PCMCIA adapter to connect to the internet or Appletalk network.