NeXTstation Turbo


It’s not an Apple but it may as well be. The NeXTstation ran the NeXTSTEP operating system which truly was the grandfather of Mac OS X. NeXTSTEP became OPENSTEP which then became Mac OS X when Steve Jobs’s NeXT was purchased by Apple in 1997.

Released in 1990, The NeXTstation came in Monochrome and Color models. These “slabs” were a lower-cost alternative to the expandable NeXT Cube. The “Turbo slabs” featured faster 33 MHz Motorola 68040 processors than their 25 MHz non-Turbo siblings along with the standard SCSI hard drive, external SCSI port, Motorola 56001 Digital Signal Processor port, serial ports, and 10BT ethernet ports. The Megapixel (1128x832) monochrome monitor has built-in digital audio.

This NeXTstation Turbo features a 33 Mhz 68040 processor, 128 MB RAM, a 400 MB SCSI hard disk drive, 3.5” floppy diskette drive that reads/writes NeXT, Macintosh HFS and FAT formatted disks. It boots into NeXTSTEP 3.0 which features an audio message from Steve Jobs in your instance of The slab was purchased from Brad at ComputerPartsGalore and the monitor was purchased from a local NeXT enthusiast via the forums.