Macintosh SE/30 (Soldered 68030)


The Powerhouse. The Macintosh SE/30 was the pinnacle for compact Macintosh power in the 1980s. Packing a blazing-fast 16 MHz Motorola 68030 processor, up to 128 MB RAM in 30 pin SIMM modules, an internal SCSI hard disk drive, a 1.44 MB “SuperDrive” floppy disk drive, and system-expandability through the PDS slot and external SCSI port, this Mac is one of the most highly regarded in the line’s history.

This machine is a later 1990 model with a soldered-on 68030 processor. It features 32 MB RAM, a 2 GB SCSI hard drive and an Asanté 10bT network card (courtesy of a Mac 68k Liberation Army member). At one time this machine was a loaner from an outfit called “Rent-A-Computer” as evidenced by the blue dot stickers visible below. It boots into System 7.5.5. It is pictured with Apple’s first CD-ROM drive, the CD/SC a Sony 1x, caddy-load CD-ROM.