Macintosh SE/30 (Socketed 68030)


The Powerhouse. The Macintosh SE/30 was the pinnacle for compact Macintosh power in the 1980s. Packing a blazing-fast 16 MHz Motorola 68030 processor, up to 128 MB RAM in 30 pin SIMM modules, an internal SCSI hard disk drive, a 1.44 MB “SuperDrive” floppy disk drive, and system-expandability through the PDS slot and external SCSI port, this Mac is one of the most highly regarded in the line’s history.

This machine is an early 1989 model with a socketed, gold-top 68030 processor. It features a mostly stock configuration with no accessory cards, 8 MB RAM, and a 40 MB SCSI hard drive, original manuals and boots to System 6.0.3. It was purchased from university surplus and was completely immaculate and dust-free, both inside and out. Sometimes when you get a machine this complete and nice, you just can’t bring yourself to do any restorative work to it. As such, this one remains slightly-yellowed and retains it’s authenticity.