Macintosh Plus (512k Upgrade)


Upgrades for the Mac were supposed to be difficult but in 1986, Apple offered to upgrade your existing Macintosh 128k or 512k to the latest-and-greatest Macintosh Plus. The Macintosh Plus upgrade kit consisted of a Macintosh Plus logic board with 1 MB RAM and a new back case. A separate 800k floppy drive upgrade completely transformed your old Macintosh to Apple’s top-of-the-line model.

Notable mostly because they are a Macintosh Plus with an early-style front case, the upgraded 128k and 512k Macs were popular none the less.

This upgraded Macintosh 512k features 1 MB RAM and an 800k floppy disk drive. When it was purchased, it was in very rough shape. It is pictured having undergone only a thorough cleaning.