Lisa 2/10


The original $2400 Macintosh was making the expensive Lisa a hard sell. In turn, the Lisa received a facelift, the Macintosh’s 3.5”, 400K floppy drive and optional 5 MB ProFile drive when it was dubbed the Lisa 2 in early 1984. Later that year the Lisa 2/10 moved the hard drive inside with the 10 MB Widget drive and the price fell below $5000. The final death blow happened when the Lisa was preloaded with MacWorks XL, marketed as the Macintosh XL and the price was lowered under $4000, Essentially making the Lisa into a better Macintosh with 1 MB RAM.

The Lisa 2/10 featured a 5 MHz Motorola 68000 processor, 1 MB RAM, 400K floppy disk drive and 10 MB “Widget” hard disk drive. It had three expansion slots and two serial ports for a host of connectivity options.

This Lisa 2/10 was purchased from a very patient seller in Arizona. I had been looking for an affordable Lisa of any sort for over a decade. The hard drive has two partitions and is bootable into Lisa Office System 7/7 and  MacWorks 3.0.

This Lisa has since left to live with a owner.