Apple //c


Released soon after the original Macintosh, the Apple //c moved the Apple II lineup into a compact form factor. The Apple //c lacked it’s larger brethren’s expansion slots but incorporated a low-power 65C02 processor, 28k RAM, the “Integrated Woz Machine” disk controller, built-in floppy disk drive and integrated 80 column, serial and mouse cards. It was the first example of the “Snow White” design theme that would permeate every Apple model for several years to come.

The Apple //c sported a 1 MHz 65C02 processor, 128k RAM, 23 K ROM with Applesoft BASIC and double-high resolution graphics. Serial, modem and external floppy drive ports allowed expandability.

It took a while but I was able to piece together this complete Apple //c system from various sources. It features an external floppy disk drive, monochrome Monitor //c with stand and Apple //c Joystick.