Apple II Plus


In 1977 Apple ignited the personal computer market with the 1 MHz MOS 6502-powered Apple ][. In 1979 the Apple ][ saw it’s first revision with the Apple ][ Plus.

Although it added hi-res graphic modes and auto-start functionality, the Apple ][ Plus’s major feature was the Microsoft-sourced Applesoft floating-point BASIC in ROM. The addition of a the BASIC ROM card would allow support for the original Integer BASIC as well as the new Applesoft BASIC. Shipping with 16 K, 32 K or 48 K of RAM, the Apple ][ Plus was expandable to the 6802 processor’s maximum 64 K of RAM by way of the 16 K Language Card expansion (negating the need for the BASIC ROM card).

This early production 1979 machine was a gift from a friend. It features a Disk ][ 5.25” floppy disk drive, a BASIC ROM card, original Apple paddle game controllers and a Monitor /// monochrome monitor.