Apple IIGS


Graphics and Sound”. The Apple IIGS was the most powerful Apple II ever released but it was also the last. With a 2.8 MHz, 16-bit 65816 processor, up to 8MB RAM, high-resolution graphics, 16-voice stereo sound, built-in SCSI, Apple Desktop Bus, 800k micro-floppy diskette drives, full backwards compatibility with the older 8-bit Apple II line and an all-new graphical user interface called GS/OS, the Apple IIGS’s designers were out to show the world that the Apple II line was far from dead in the shadow of the Macintosh. Unfortunately for Apple II fans, they couldn’t convince Apple management. The IIGS soldiered on through three ROM revisions and six years before being discontinued on the cusp of it’s fourth revision.

This machine features version 01 ROMs, 512 KB RAM, AppleColor RGB monitor and external floppy diskette drive.